Frequently Asked Questions


How is the recommended weekly salary determined?

It is an oft-asked question on mommy and parenting forums – how much should I pay the nanny. cNanny’s recommended nanny salary ranges are based on local market research on hourly compensation for nannies and computed by adjusting for the number of children you will be needing childcare for and whether or not your child is an infant and/or has any special care needs both of which require specialized attention and skills.

What does the optional monthly paid leave days on the employment offer page mean?

This is where you can sweeten the employment offer to a nanny candidate by offering the number of paid leave days they can accrue with each month of loyal service in the year. So for example if you offer 1 paid leave day per month, your nanny will have accrued 12 paid leave days within 1 year of service. Offering the option of earning a day of leave per month of service may make the difference between your employment offer and an employment offer extended by another family.

How is cNanny different from other online childcare marketplaces?

cNanny is solely focused on facilitating the connections between part-time 25+ hrs/week, full-time 40-50 hrs/week, and live-in nannies. We are focused on building long-term relationships because having a consistent childcare provider and stable childcare arrangement is what is best for family and child well-being and development.

Our unique personality and knowledge assessment determines if potential candidates are the right fit for the job of a nanny and will offer you the highest quality of service. We also conduct the background checks, initial interviewing and pre-screening. This service is offered at the fraction of the cost of traditional nanny placement agencies while saving you time.


Is there a fee to have my profile featured on the cNanny platform?

No, there is never a fee for nannies. But you must sign-up and follow the procedures for becoming qualified to have your profile posted on our platform.

How do I get my profile featured on cNanny?

Sign-up and provide your contact details. We will contact you and discuss the candidate qualification process which includes taking a personality and knowledge assessment.

Is cNanny a nanny placement agency?

No, cNanny is not a nanny placement agency, but we do thouroughly vet all candidates.

How is cNanny different from other online childcare marketplaces?

cNanny gives you the power to accept or reject employment offers from parents without putting you in an uncomfortable position of negotiating directly with parents. We know that even the best nanny candidates are often undervalued and accept less pay than what they qualify for and deserve. Our platform only allows parents to make employment offers which are within a suggested range based on the local market rate for your skills and service and their specific childcare needs.

Unlike other online childcare marketplaces, once you accept an offer of employment you will immediately receive a formal employment offer which specifies the accepted monthly salary and the number of any paid leave days earned per month of employment.